Due to High demand for Easter items we are not able to take online orders through Saturday the 3rd.  The next day available for online ordering is Monday the 5th.  Thank you for your understanding.  Please call your local Servatii to place an order. 

Read the below disclosure before ordering please

  1. You will be entering our new online ordering site. 

  2. There are many changes and a few fixes not yet established from our designer. Please make sure you change the location to your local Servatii and you place your order a minimum of 2 days in advance.  We will have to call you and reschedule your order otherwise.

  3. It may say "pick up unavailable" beside all our sites but continue picking the date and time for your pick up from the store of your choice. 

  4. There are also cut-off perimeters for our product so a manager may have to call you if something is ordered outside of the time line. 

  5. You can go directly to our Deco Cake Book and hit the link for the online ordering.

  6. Overall, give 2-3 days notice on ordering and you should be fine.  Thank you for your attention.  

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